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Richtersveld / Hondeklipbay Tour

2 Day Richtersveld/ Hondeklipbay Tour Day 1: Start tour off at Port Nolloth. Visiting the Richtersveld National Park. Looking at the Hand of God, drive through Helskloof and Domrogh Pass. Return to Helskloof Gate and exit via Kuboes a Nama Settlement and Alexanderbay Wetland to Port Nolloth. Day 2: Visiting Kleinzee and drive through to Hondeklipbay […]

3 Day Richtersveld Tour

3 Day Richtersveld tour and surrounding area Visiting Alexanderbay diamond mining town, Kuboes home town of the Nama people, Richtersveld National Park and Eksteenfontein  Rooiberg. Looking at the Community Conservancy a World Heritage Site now, interacting with locals and experiencing their culture and projects. Also visiting Tierhoek (Tiger corner) and Skurwe Hoogte Caves. Accommodations are […]


Richtersveld National Park Tour

One Day Richtersveld National Park Tour HIGHLIGHTS: Tour starts off at Port Nolloth Mcdouglasbay. Visiting Potjiespram Campsite, Shepherds Tree; driving through Halfmens( Halfhuman) Pass, Akkedis (lizard) Pass to the Hand of God, looking at different plants and trees endemic to this area and nowhere else in the world to be found. Interact with local herders, […]

4 Day Richtersveld Tour

The Richtersveld tour only takes place in the Richtersveld National park.   Places to see are Potjiespram, De Hoop Campsite on the banks of the Orange River that are the border between South Africa and Namibia. Visiting Tattasberg and Richtersberg. Also chalets and campsites there. Visiting Kokerboomkloof, Gannakouriep and Hakiesdoring. Hiking trails available. Exit at […]