Richtersveld / Fish River Canyon tour

Date Time Activity Notes
Date of arrival




DO 1:


Afternoon Arrive in Port Nolloth/ Springbok Inn

Meet & Greet tourist guide Conrad Mouton, Aukwatowa Tours.


Accommodation beachfront house, Port Indigo. McDouglasbay/ Springbok Inn. I will make arrangement for dinner. Your own expense.
08:00 Depart for tour to Sendelingsdrift via Alexanderbay. Stop at Wondergat and Cornellskop. Here I will explain about Wondergat ,Cornellskop and Quiver trees.

Looking at endemic plant only occurring in this area like Lithops, Conophytems, Bushman candle ect.


Enter the park at Sendelingsdrift and drive to Witgat tree, from here we return and stay over at Sendelingsdrift next to the Orange River.

Dinner: Braai with salads.


Overnight: Sendelingsdrift chalets


Please bring warm clothes for evenings. Sunscreen for during the day and hats. I will tell some stories about diamond mining, diamond theft, locals, ect.


Previously worked in the diamond mines, fisherman, military ect.


Won the Welcome Awards for National Best tourist Guide in 2008. SA Tourism.

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DO2: 07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Depart for Fish River Canyon crossing the Pontoon at Sendelingsdrift.


Walk along the rim of Fish River Canyon, watch an amazing sunset and enjoy absolute tranquility and spectacular scenery. Butterflies and birds will pass by. The walk leads you along thorny bushes across little grass clumps and stones mixed with small beautiful flowers. Spot the unique Quiver Trees on your way back to your accommodation


Dinner: Served by lodge personnel



Overnight: Canyon Lodge


Do not forget your camera. We supply headlamps, binoculars for duration of trip.


Please bring comfortable hiking shoes.

DO3: 08:00 Breakfast







Depart for Ai-Ais/Fish River Canyon. We drive all along the Orange river to Ai-Ais where we will stay at a lodge there.  Here we can spend the day. Visit the Canyon outlook points.


Drive around visiting some attractions and plants.


Dinner: Served by lodge personnel

Overnight: Canyon Lodge


Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included in the price.



DO4: 07:00




Breakfast: Early start to the day to ensure best possible photography opportunities.

Depart for Vioolsdrift looking at plants, sceneries and photography.


Enroute we will show you very rare plants like rabbits food, Bandaged Finger, Stapelia’s, Pearson Aloe, and lots more.

From here drive up to Sendelingsdrift, back to Alexanderbay and  to Port Nolloth after viewing the Orange River Estuary and Wetlands..


Overnight: Port Indigo Guesthouse/ Springbok Inn.


End of Arrangement.

On our return can either drive to Noordoewer/ Vioolsdrift border crossing or Sendelingsdrift.