Hans & Flo Wilreker Comment


Let us here firmly state that we had a most enjoyable excursion into the Richtersveld with you.  The few days brought us an experience beyond expectations and will count as one of the best in our 40 years adventuring.

Now for the technical reasons:

  1. The trip was well organized
  2. You and the chef Floris were perfect travelling companions.  Not too noisy, not too quiet.
  3. Floris cooks well
  4. You understood what we were interested in, provided what you could and did not bore us with things that we don’t care for.
  5. You had just the best pace setting for all our photo breaks
  6. You organized around my special requirement, such as longer pauses for landscape painting
  7. You are a careful driver and a punctual coach

There might be more positives to be recorded but this is good enough.

We shall definitely  recommend the contracting of your company to the many foreign tourists which we have contacts with.  For this you must upgrade your web site and keep it up to date.

I had the  sample which we took from the black rock outcrop which you showed us tested by the Geologic Department of the University of Johannesburg and it is identified  as Hematite, an iron ore.

A selection of the best photos which we took in Richtersveld are being sent to you by mail since the high resolution quality would be compromised by forwarding it via e-mail.

That is it for now.

We will be back.

Many thanks and good luck in your business.

Hans & Flo Wilreker


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