Richtersveld Day tour

Date Time Activity Notes
DO 1:

















08:00 Meet & Greet tourist guide Conrad Mouton, Aukwatowa Tours.


Tour cost includes transport, guide, lunch, bottled water






















Depart from Port Nolloth.


Depart for Sendelingsdrift via Alexanderbay.

Looking at endemic plant only occurring in this area Lithops, Conophytems, Bushman Candle ect.


Enter the park at Sendelingsdrift and drive to Witgat tree, from here through Halfmens pass, and Akkedis pass.

Have lunch under a tree.



Depart for Helskloof pass through Domrogh pass. Exit and drive back to Port Nolloth via Alexanderbay.


Arrive in Port Nolloth.




Please bring warm clothes for evenings. Sunscreen for during the day and hats.

I will tell some stories about diamond mining, diamond theft, locals, ect.


Previously worked in the diamond mines, fisherman, military ect.


Won the Welcome Awards for National Best tourist Guide in 2008. SA Tourism.



Do not forget your camera.



End of Arrangement.



Tour cost includes transport, guide, lunch, bottled water and snacks. Conservation fees for your own expenses.